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Stoneridge Preparatory School


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an educational opportunity for students with varying degrees of academic achievement whose goal is college entry upon completion of high school, through quality personal attention, cultural enrichment and low student-to-instructor ratio.


Stoneridge Preparatory School was established in 1965 in Calabasas, California by Maria Luisa and Dennis Arnold. The school was located for twenty years in the Encino/Tarzana area. Stoneridge is now permanently located in a non-incorporated green belt zone in between the cities of Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and Simi Valley. The school resides on four acres surrounded by nature and is located a short distance from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

We have a diverse student body. Our international student population also varies from year to year. Our school's students have come from Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Serbia, Japan, Quebec, Canada, England, the African Congo and Senegal. All of our international students are dedicated students who have studied English in their own countries, and our international alumni have succeeded in our classes that prepared them for a college or university acceptance in the United States.

Stoneridge is and has been structured as a “Small Learning Community” for many years; we also embody the unique qualities of a Global Community. The socio-economic make up of Stoneridge is as diverse as our student population. We do not support elitism in education and we believe all students deserve the opportunity for excellent academic preparation for higher education.

Stoneridge has a zero percent dropout rate and a nearly 100 percent college/university attendance rate over the years, with many of our former students enjoying success in graduate school and professional careers. Our learning results speak for themselves. Some of our former students have come from very impoverished backgrounds, with all odds against them. We are very proud of the success they have achieved in colleges and universities; their lives have been changed by attending Stoneridge Preparatory School.

You cannot measure passion and enthusiasm, but you can see it in the relationship of our teachers with our students. When a teacher stands in the front of a classroom, passionately on fire about what they are teaching, they will spark the students. It is observed in the eyes of the students as they learn and reflected outwardly in their academic work.


Stoneridge's unique academic approach will prepare your student for college 0r university! As part of our standard academic program, we provide:

  • Expert SAT preparation, producing significant improvement in test scores of all three subjects

  • We use baseline and continuous assessment methodology to monitor student performance and progress

  • Our class sizes are small with a low student-to-teacher ratio

  • Our drop-out rate is zero

  • 95% of our graduating students apply for college/university

  • The acceptance rate of students who apply for college/university is 100%

  • A high percentage of our alumni graduate from college/university

  • Many go on to graduate degrees

Here is a partial list of colleges and universities that have accepted Stoneridge graduates

  • University of California, Berkeley

  • University of California, Los Angeles

  • University of California, Santa Barbara

  • University of California, Santa Cruz

  • University of California, San Diego

  • Fordham University

  • Rutgers University

  • Iowa State University

  • Binghamton State University

  • Pepperdine University

  • University of Southern California

  • Arizona State University

  • Auburn University

  • University of Oklahoma

  • New Mexico State University

  • San Francisco University

  • University of Alabama

  • California Lutheran University

  • Baylor University

  • University of Wyoming

  • Manhattan College

  • Marquette University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Milwaukee School of Engineering

  • St. John’s University – New York

  • Western Illinois University

  • University of Kentucky

  • University of Northern Arizona

  • California State University at Channel Islands

  • California State University at Northridge

  • California State University at San Francisco